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September 19, 2018
September 21, 2018

Many webs use a catchy line, a small attractive description, or a rich keyword on their title tag. Many organizations also add their brand name. Google says it is perfectly fine to add your company name to the title tag.

What is a Title tag?

Title tags are the form of HTML that suggests a heading or a title of a web page. This title is visible on a search engine result pages, that you can click and enter the particular web. Therefore, a title tag is very important, as it should precisely and accurately convey the details of the content on the given page.

Writing a title tag

It is very important to write a Title as it has an impact on both search engine optimization and search user experience.

  1. A title should not be very long, it should have a minimum character of 60 words or search engine may cut it off and you may miss out on important words and description. This might be crucial for your page.
  2. Do not use a lot of keywords in a title. A title may be longer, but avoid repetitive and heavy keywords as that spoils user experience.
  3. One should try and give a unique title to each valuable page of content. As that increases the rate of clicks on your web. It is difficult to frame a unique title for every page but you can use code-based templates. That will be shorter and precise for example: if you have 1000 products of different categories, you can use this data to create a title for each page. Product name- product category- Brand name.
  4. Use important keywords first; as according to research a customer reads maximum first two words of a headline, this may affect user experience.

Your brand name in the Title tag

If your brand is a popular well-known brand you should definitely add the brand name to your title tags. This increases the number of click through rate. Google always suggests putting the brand name at the end of the title is wiser as, Google might add the brand name automatically on the search results. Therefore, you must be carefully how your title tag is displayed on the search engine.

At times, there are pages like Home or About Us, where you want to be more brand centric. As you can give a unique title to each page according to its content, the same way you can do here. Adding a brand name is surely a benefit to your search engine & user experience. A well-known brand may change a customer’s mindset, and a well-crafted title along with a brand may force a user to check the web. The higher the number of click rate, your web will be as popular.

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