Google assistant searcher behaviour on Android Vs Google Home

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September 19, 2018
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Scott Huffman the VP of engineering at Google has shared some interesting data on Google Assistant. It is regarding how people use the Google Assistant on their Android device compared to their Google Home device.

People who use Google Assistant across both their devices have a very different pattern of using them throughout the day. Google home is used more for weather related questions and daily update on news and media, whereas Android is more into communication and local queries.

Danny Sullivan tweeted, that he loves when every morning he sees a lot of voice search results on Google Home for turning all their stuff on, like news, weather, etc. In addition, on Android it is more about texting and making plans for what to do at night.

We all know that the usage of Android devices is more, whether it is for logging on to a social media or sending a selfie on snapchat. A new technology was created for the digital well being of everyone. Google Assistant was to measure your time spent on your devices.

This tool was to understand technology more precisely. It is built to be connected whenever required and disconnect when needed, it is focused on creating healthy habits for the whole family. Google wants life to be easy not overpowered by technology.

Over the last couple of years, voice commands and conversational speakers have come in. people have found this very interesting and convenient to use. It is not just the young lads but lately elders and oldies have started using the voice command a lot. It actually depends on what routine you follow.  The maximum conversations take place while driving, even for search results you do not have to look down to your phone.

People expect conversations and generally they want Google assistant to do something. Small little commands like play a song, search a sushi restaurant, these may sound little things. However, these little things matter as the work is done and in a manner that seems perfectly normal.

We use Google assistant in numerous ways in our daily routine. At home we use it for news or set up an appointment or searching a restaurant. On Android we use it for texting or calling friends, fixing up a meeting etc. By the end of the day we set up alarms and reminders for the next day. The best part about this is that it is very simple to use, there are no rules or manual needed for it.

There is an increase in number of users including elders, women etc. In a place like India where a few users have come online for the first time. Even there Google Assistant has tripled its usage.


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