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September 21, 2018
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September 22, 2018

Recently, Google has released several updates related to responsive search ads. Responsive search ads are among the new technology powered by the Google machine that allows advertisers to create ads that are more relevant for their absolute clients. The updated version of responsive search ads mainly formed to deal with the complaints sector in order to find out the lack of reporting.

Distinctive features of ad strength indicator

Just a while ago, Google has intimated its advertisers about sustaining the minimum number of ads in a particular group i.e. 3. The main purpose behind the functioning of responsive search ads is to facilitate the objectives of the advertisers. According to the Google, responsive search ads helps you to create an ad in order to deliver more text to provide relevant information to the users.

They focus on creating diversified ads for better convenience. If you remember, most of the ads had contained “Buy Now” and “Shop Now” buttons, which redirect the users to the main website but it is over now. There is an indicator available there which allows you to rate the advertisement whether poor or excellent along with “Add more headlines” push button.

In the upcoming days, and strength will be available as a new feature on your desktop, PC and other electronic devices.  It will reflect in the ad creation option for responsive search ads. In addition to this, most probably the same will be soon available for responsive displayed ads too.

Reporting related to responsive search ads

After all updates, advertisers will also enable to preview their ad numbers before posting the responsive search ads.  According to the latest announcements, statistics are on top combinations, descriptions, and headlines. In order to look over this reporting, you need to proceed towards the option i.e. Ads & extensions. Google also provides the ad type filters you can choose as per your want or desire. As we have stated earlier, Google restricts the minimum required ads in a group to three, among which one responsive ad in mandatory. In addition, Google also declared that the heading of responsive search ads should contain at least five headlines.

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