Google Introduces a new way to split test AMP pages in Google Ads

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September 14, 2018
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September 19, 2018

Google has come up with a new technology for advertisers to compare the bang of using AMP pages vs. conventional web pages with Google ads.

Google had a technology before also, the ability to test the two pages via Google Ads campaign experiments or through ad variations. But now it has come up with a new solution to test the Campaign experiments, which is called “cookie based splits”. This method is based on cookie approach of Google Ads, ad variations.

One should try this new methodology while testing AMP pages via campaign experiments, Says Mr. Prashant Nair, product manager, Google Ads.

The method used before for testing campaign experiments was “search based splits”. It leads users to either a test group or control group every time they enter a search. Using this methodology helped the users to see both the test and control experiences all throughout the day.

On the other hand, cookie-based split helps by leading users to either test group or control group once and keeps them there. So the users are assigned either to AMP pages (if they are in the test group) or traditional pages (if they are in the control group).

Google has really tried hard to help the advertisers get better results through this new testing methodology, says Nair and concludes by quoting, “better test the efficiency of driving search ads traffic to AMP pages”.

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