How To Grow Organic Traffic With Natural Backlink?

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January 22, 2021
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February 2, 2021
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Getting organic traffic is a very daunting task these days. Why won’t it be? It is very difficult to get the blogs and websites ranked on search engines to increase complexity and competition. Also, these days you can get good quality traffic from the guest post service and boost the engagement on your blog.

What is a natural backlink?

Link diversity is one of the key features of a Google-friendly backlink portfolio, this backlink portfolio plays a very important role in getting good rankings on search engines. Yet, the very definition of a “natural” backlink still seems vague for many.

So, here is the simple definition and some important characteristics of a natural backlink

  • Are in a natural context: The content surrounding the link is relevant to that on the target page.
  • Provide value to the readers: They offer additional information about a certain topic.
  • Have an anchor text: The text is integrated with the page contents in a meaningful way.

So, here are some of the best techniques with the help of which you can optimize your blog and get good quality traffic.

1.Identify and fix all the types of non-performing content of your blog:

Non-performing content is content that fails to help a site achieve its marketing objectives—usually driving organic traffic or conversions or winning referrals from other sites. It’s not doing you any favors, and it may even be hurting your chances of getting search traffic.

 2.Create guest post outreach lists:

Guest posting is a great technique with the help of which you can get a great amount of traffic and boost the rankings of your blog. Not only this guest blogging is considered one of the most natural ways to get traffic and natural backlink.

3.Optimize higher CTR:

Positioning on page one is only half the organic search traffic battle; you also have to convince searchers to click on your result rather than a competitor’s.

Optimizing for click-through rate (CTR) has a double benefit.

4.A blog to Increase Ranking Keywords Fast:

Blogging is one of the fastest ways to increase the number of particularly non-branded keywords—your site ranks for. Blog posts allow you to position your brand as an expert in your field with top-of-funnel informational posts and allows you to showcase your product to people searching for related information.

5.Exploit Site Architecture to Get Sitelinks:

Site architecture plays a major role in how crawlers access your site and how human searchers navigate and engage with it. Crawlers won’t know which pages or posts are most important to your site if your site architecture is confusing. Make sure you have a smooth and clean website structure.


So, here are the best possible ways with the help of which you can get organic traffic to your site with the help of natural backlink. Also, make sure you are consistently publishing content on your blog consistency is the only key to get higher rankings on SERPs for better blog performance.

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