Google Search Console to Show History of User Actions

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September 22, 2018
September 23, 2018

According to the latest reports, it has declared that Google will soon launch the new version of Search Console, which offers the history-tracking feature to its users.

This new version of Google Search Console will allow the users to check whether someone affecting the existing properties of the website such as validating an issue/submitting a new sitemap, changing a setting or not.

Google has taken this step to create more transparency, reliability, and accountability among its users.

Following are the features that will be launch soon by the Google itself; these features are unique and exclusive from the existing version of Search Console.

  • User management now becomes the fundamental element of the Search Console.
  • The updated version of Google Search Console will allow its users to share files as read-only, which means no one can make changes in it.
  • It incorporates the new user management interface in order to analyze the role of users.
  • The most recent feature disclosed by the Google i.e. now users can see the critical site messages by on their own.

Here is the list of methods suggested by Google itself to control or manage user’s permissions in Search Console.

  • It enables users to access resources only to the extent of their basic requirements.
  • Now, you can share the reports in a few seconds via clicking the share link given on the same page.
  • When adding a new user to the property do not forget to remove the all relevant information of past owner.
  • Conduct audit on daily basis and update the user permissions through users and permission settings.

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