Facebook Gives Advertisers Control over Placement of Instant Article and In-stream Ads

September 25, 2018
October 3, 2018
Facebook Gives Advertisers

Facebook Gives Advertisers

Facebook is extending its placement reporting to instant Articles and in stream advertising. So advertisers can pre-emptively block publishers from the campaigns and continually update those exclusion lists based on where the ads are placed and where all it runs.

Doing campaigns outside of News feed it helps advertisers to reach more and more people and drive extensive results for their business whether it is an article or video on Facebook or on a publishing site or apps. Ads in instant Articles and in-stream ads on Facebook and audience network let the advertisers connect well with the people.

Facebook provides advertisers with element of content adjacency. They give advertisers control over the content and they can choose to opt out of Instant Articles, Audience network and In-stream ad. They can choose where to run their ads. They can avoid sensitive categories like dating & gambling, etc. If advertisers need a more control over their ads, they can provide the list of block publishers and apps and upload it for Facebook to keep in notice.

Facebook also keeps in mind that advertisers can continuously review and update their block lists of publishers and apps, as and when new publishers are added.

How to reach to Publishers List

To know about new publishers they can download the publishers list by following these simple steps:

  • Go to Ads manager
  • Click the three-dash menu icon on the top left and click on Business settings menu.
  • Then click on block lists on the left side of the menu.
  • Click Manage
  • Click on see where Ads could Appear

Facebook allows advertisers to view list of publishers monetizing their sites and apps on the Audience Network. Advertisers can review their list and decide if there are any sites or apps that they want to avoid publishing their ads on.

Facebook is working on giving more control to the advertisers, which would apply in a few months from now and will be applicable to all advertisers. This will also help them use the existing control system with easier steps. A few additional controls are:

  • Pre-campaign transparency: For the first time ever advertisers will be able to see a list that where all they can place their ads before actually running a live campaign.
  • Blocking at the account level: The advertisers will be able to block on account level, which would be more easier than opting each specific campaign.
  • Choice over video placement in Audience network: Advertisers will be allowed to specify the type of placements they want to do like in-stream or native.

Facebook is an excellent platform for advertisers to get a premium experience with their audience networks.

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