10 SEO Myths You Should Ignore

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10 SEO Myths

10 SEO Myths

With increasing market demand and an accelerated need to stay ahead, the businesses sell their alternate reality in an assortment of SEO products. There is a regular influx of new strategies and marketing techniques that make their way into the internet mainstream, claiming to be the best. The internet becomes an information machine where judging between existing products and policies becomes a challenging task.

The 2019 BERT Update by Google has changed the way SEO professionals need to frame their strategies. As customers become more result-oriented in their queries, it is time to optimize content based more on search intent than keywords. SEO is here to stay. It is just the SEO norms that are going through a shift. A digital marketing agency in Bangalore can help you with client acquisition and drive sales efficiently based on the new standards.

As a leading SEO company in Bangalore, it becomes imperative to compile the top 10 SEO myths that need to be debunked.

  1. SEO is a one-time effort.

 Cutting it short, SEO is not a one-time thing. It has to be an on-going process because the digital market, the competition, and the search engines that frame the rules keep evolving and changing. As the markets evolve, the language of the internet also changes. Your website has to stay abreast of the latest internet developments in terms of content and language. Any up-to-date SEO company in Bangalore will agree that your website has to keep up with the changing market patterns and customer requirements. Your website could lose traffic, backlinks, and even content if you made only a one-time effort.

  1. SEO no longer needs to exist.

The digital market often gets flooded with rumors that SEO is dying and that SEO will be replaced. Though some elements of SEO frequently get updated over the years, SEO, as such, is not going anywhere. Any digital marketing agency in Bangalore would confirm that for you. User experience has seen an upgrade, and with it, the SEO practices have evolved. The main goal of SEO is now to focus on providing users with relevant and concise information.

  1. Content Freshness matters.

Most website owners are in a rush to republish content. Google ranks fresh content higher is a broadly circulated myth. It might hold reasonable for a particular type of content but not always. Any web design company in Bangalore can let you know that the content freshness is query dependent. The website traffic will decline if the website doesn’t publish ‘top ten’ type content; however, content related to fixed queries like ‘how to tutorials’ or DIYs remains constant and can still rank higher in the searches.

  1. Social media sharing improves rankings.

It is a general understanding that the more content gets shared on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube, it will get a higher search rank. Myth. Social sharing does not always impact rankings. Keen analytics by any social media marketing company in Bangalore can show that though social media sharing may provide visibility to your content, if not managed properly, it cannot always lead to improving search ranks. Optimizing social media SEO thus becomes a prime task for a social media marketing company in Bangalore.

  1. Page Rank is useless.

Google continues to give importance to page rank, which depends on the quality and quantity of backlinks. Though Google discontinued public scores for page rank since 2014, page ranks are still very much there. .Any web Design Company in Bangalore can show you by analytics that the quality of your website backlinks still matter. Gary Illyes from Google confirmed in 2017 that PageRank is still a ranking signal, even though Toolbar PageRank is a relic from the past.

  1. Content is no longer king.

Well, content certainly is king and will continue to be. Users look for relevant content when they go online. Any blog post, vlog, article, or product description will only catch eyes and funnel traffic if the content is ahead of the curve. Whether it is an email marketing company in Bangalore or a video production company in Bangalore, they will all confirm that great content brings engagement and adds value to your product. Just writing a longer meta description can increase CTR by 36%.

  1. Keyword Optimization matters.

Keyword optimization is just one step in SEO. The more important part is doing comprehensive keyword research. If the research is not proper, mere optimization won’t help. This is because Google uses LSI or Latent Semantic Indexing to determine if your content is related to a search query. The context of the keywords improves rankings. Google’s RankBrain processes the search results based on AI algorithms, so just keyword insertion or repetition would weaken the site rank. Any well-researched email marketing company in Bangalore or a web design and video production company in Bangalore would affirm that.

  1. More backlinks mean a higher page rank.

A high number of links might be enough for ranking –this common myth has been doing the rounds for a long time now. In fact, you may get penalized for having too many unnatural links. Indeed, useful links from authoritative and aged domains can help you. Smart webmasters would know how to focus on content and social media marketing, and natural links.

  1. Buying bulk backlinks always helps.

Some website owners get tempted by the idea of buying backlinks in bulk to secure their search ranks. Nothing is farther from the truth. In reality, an easy to get link is worse in worth. It is because the same links get circulated to multiple owners and become bad links. These links can dull the sparkle of your brand and may take efforts to build upon your ranks.

  1. Anyone can do SEO.

False.  Although we all may know about SEO, not everyone can take care of that professionally. An SEO expert is different from a regular IT expert; he has a more expansive knowledge of content, equity, context, user behavior, semantics, and a lot more.  So, you do need an SEO specialist to carry out SEO and SEM for your brand. An SEO company in Bangalore can prove essential for a customer-centric program for content marketing.

These are the commonly circulated myths that act as SEO traps. Brands are beginning to understand this and have started hiring SEO professionals to implement new strategies. After all, change is the only constant thing.

Author Bio:

Rtn Bala Kumaran is the CEO and Founder of BrandStory who writes for a variety of online publications. He loves writing about SEO, Digital Marketing, Data and Emerging Technologies. He is a mentor and speaker in various events. He is a Mentor to many startup’s and speaks at various events on Data, Marketing and entrepreneurship!

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